Korjo is always here to help you enjoy your trip.

Who is Korjo?
Korjo is an Australian, second generation family owned company.  You can read more about our company history here.

What is Korjo’s mission?
To create a genuinely useful range of practical and affordable travel products that minimise discomfort and problems, and promote security, health & safety – helping the traveller concentrate on the trip itself.

What is the origin of the name Korjo?

Is it Japanese? No.  Is it Scandinavian? No. Our founder, Les Kausman created the concept.  He approached his next door neighbour who happened to be a patent attorney.  The neighbours’ nickname for the Kausman family was “The Korjos”.  We searched the globe to find if the word Korjo was owned or patented – but it was unique and available, so became our brand.

What adaptor do I need for my destination?
There are so many different plugs in different destinations.  We know that it can be confusing, so we have tried to simplify matters with our adaptor guide – just enter your destination in the search bar and click search.

Why do some countries show more than one adaptor option? 
Some countries utilise more than one socket system, so a number of plugs can be used.  While we would love to be able to tell you which socket each building uses in each city, that is an impossible task!  Sometimes two hotels next door to each other may use 2 different systems. For example, Vietnam and Thailand use both the European and Japanese sockets.  The hotel that you have chosen may use Europe or Japan sockets, or may have a hybrid that can take either.

As a rule of thumb, where a country has more than one plug system you can:

  • Take all options with you
  • Contact your accommodation and ask them for specific information
  • Take one of the plug options and hope you are lucky (with a back-up plan that in countries that use more than one system, you should be able to get a local adaptor from one type to the other type).

I have a Korjo product, but have lost the instructions. 
Look here for links to the relevant instructions for our products.

I would like to sell Korjo products in my retail outlet – who do I contact 
We would love to have you on board with the number one brand of travel accessories in Australasia.

Contact us at

What is Korjo’s Privacy Policy?
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I have a question that is not covered above
Please feel free to contact us for further assistance

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