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Insurance and Health

Sometimes things do not go exactly as planned…


Travel insurance is essential for all travellers and you should purchase it as soon as you have bought your ticket or paid for your accommodation or tour, even if your trip is many months away.

Medical costs in other countries can be astronomical, and even fit and healthy travellers sometimes need medical attention.

Unfortunately, luggage and valuables do sometimes get lost or stolen, and insurance will help compensate you for your loss.

Talk to your travel agent or do some online research about travel insurance, and make sure you read the policy document carefully so that you understand what is covered and what is not.

Special considerations apply for those with existing medical conditions go to http://www.insurancewith.com/travelling-with-a-medical-condition/ for a full explanation.

By purchasing the policy as soon as you book your trip, you should (depending on the terms of the policy and the grounds) also be covered for cancellation costs if you are unable to go on the trip.



At least 6 weeks before departure, see your local doctor or a medical clinic that specializes in travel medicine, to get advice about health risks in your destinations.

The smart traveller website has useful general and destination specific information for recommended travel medicine. You may need to be immunized or commence anti-malarial medication up to 4 weeks before departure.

Take a first aid kit with you to treat minor injuries and ailments, and include medication to treat vomiting and diarrhoea.

While away, use mosquito repellent, and drink only bottled, boiled or otherwise treated water and only eat fruit and vegetables that you can peel. If you get very sick on your trip, contact your travel insurance company or representative or the Australian consul or embassy for assistance. It is a good idea to visit your dentist prior to departure.

You should also obtain and take with you spare prescriptions for glasses, contact lenses and medicines.



If you are unwell after you return from your trip (even many weeks later) you should remember to tell your doctor all of the destinations to which you have travelled.