TSA Keyed locks (x4) (TSA LL4)

Product Details

Korjo TSA keyed locks

4 x TSA approved* keyed locks per pack – keyed alike
Bright, easily identifiable colours


* The US Travel Security Agency (TSA) and Her Majesty’s Revenues and Customs (HMRC) maintain the right to open any case, even if it is locked.  Therefore they can cut off your normal lock, destroying it forever. The Korjo Safe Skies TSA Lock solves this problem – because you can now lock your case again without worrying that it will be destroyed by the TSA/HMRC.

Authorised TSA / HMRC agents can use a secured tool to open the lock, check your case and relock it.

Accepted and recognised by Australian Customs Border Protection Service.


TSA keyed locks Colours:

Black, Orange, Red, Purple, Mixed


RRP in AUD (inc GST)


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