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Travel Documentation

Passports, Visas and driving licences


You will need a current passport to travel overseas. Some countries require that your passport has at least 6 months validity from the date you leave that country, so even if your passport has not yet expired, you may wish to renew it.

Information about passport applications can be found at https://www.passports.gov.au/Pages/home.aspx,

Application forms can be downloaded online or from Australia Post offices. In addition to a completed passport application form, you will need two recent photographs, one of which is endorsed by an identifier, an original document that proves you are an Australian citizen, documents that explain any name change, a document that shows your current name and address, and fee payment. You will also have to attend an interview, where all the details of the documents are confirmed.

When travelling, you should always keep your passport and other documents secure – we recommend that you use a money belt or pouch . When in accommodation, use a hotel safe if available.


A visa is an official stamp of a government or country, imprinted in your passport, evidencing your ability to enter into that country, for a specified time and purpose. Not all countries require visas, so check carefully whether you require one for your destination. The issue of a visa usually requires the payment of a fee, and sometimes requires photos, copies of tickets and other documentation. Call the consulate of the countries you plan to visit for visa information, check the information at  the Smartraveller website or your travel agent may be able to help.

You may need an ESTA for travel to the USA.

The Visa process may be quick and online, or you may need to post or present your passport to an embassy.  You may need to make an appointment at the embassy – so plan early and get the process underway.  Sometimes the visa process can be expedited (but may cost more!)


Your Australian drivers licence may not be recognised in your overseas destination, so if you are planning on driving while away,  you will need an international drivers permit. This can be applied for online at www.internationaldrivingpermit.com.au , or you can apply at Automobile Associations in each state

It is always useful to have a few spare passport photos with you when you are travelling, for visas, student travel cards, some train or bus passes, and in case you lose your passport and need to have it reissued overseas.